Here’s is the best plumbing tricks compilation on the web. These tricks are good for DIYers and residential/commercial plumbers.

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49 thoughts on “15 GENIUS Plumbing HACKS! | GOT2LEARN”

  1. im doing a school for plumbing…but here in east europe we dont use copper pipes…seems like it is a whole different installation method than the one for kind of pipes we use….thanks to your videos now i wont be completely ignorant about them if i ever come across copper pipes thanks :D….my question is whats this machine that bursts flame called? the one you use to melt the pipes

  2. great hacks!   love the channel lock handle trick and wish i saw your video earlier for the 3/8" piggyback value since i don't know how to solder and i don't really have enough nerve to solder.  would be afraid of starting a house fire!   Thanks for sharing these plumbing hacks!   Thanks for making this video!

  3. Very informative video the hacks you described can be a life saver in troubling situations. I also have a recommendation a friend who is a plumber at http://www.monahansplumbing.com told me, he claims that this hack is coming from one of the best plumbing service providers. He said that take boiling hot water and mix some vinegar and salt in it, then immediately pour it into the affected drain. I was surprised at how well his suggestion helped me and I would love to hear if this works for others too. Thank you 🙂

  4. interesting and useful. BUT. You need to learn something too. The word solder is pronounced as if it were spelled SODDER. That is SOD DER. and not sold der

  5. The tips you mentioned are really great and can be easily applied at home thanks! I would like to add one more tip as suggested by my amazing plumber at http://www.monahansplumbing.com. He told me that if there is a clogged drain, just take hot boiling water and mix it with some vinegar and pour it into the affected drain. I hope it works for other too. Have a nice day 🙂

  6. For small amount of water that makes it so you can not solder I have used a piece of bread in the pipe to stop the flow. Once the water is turned back on it easily clears the bread dam.

  7. also another very good trick for soldering pipes, alot of time we still have water/dripping water in the pipe and this does allow the torch to heat well enough to solder. The trick is to push down the pipe some bread such that it clogs up and retains the water, you can then easily solder. Once over, just run the water and the bread will desolve and run through. Enjoy this trick.

  8. Why are there so many Pronunciation Police?

    The proper way to pronounce solder is as it is spelled (Sole-der). That is the correct way where I'm from. Might not be correct where you live but please give the guy a break and accept that there are different ways to say, and spell, things.

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