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  1. From Kentucky licensed Journeyman Plumber, NEVER use compression fittings on water lines, ever! Just buy I sweat tool and a sweat valve and do it right. Or, open every faucet in the house, turn valve to water heater off, open an outside spigot and suck all the water out of the house with a vacuum.

  2. Instead of installing a compression valve to stop a leak so you can solder, stuff some bread in the pipe. The bread will stop the water long enough for you to repair the pipe and then dissolve away after.

  3. Great tips! The only one I didn't understand was about installing a compression valve to stop water so you could solder a connection down the line. Why not just install the compression valve where the soldered coupling would have gone?

  4. FFS, people, quit giving this dude a hard time for pronouncing the "L" in "solder"; Most of the English-speaking world pronounces it that way. It's friggin 2019 – look it the hell up.
    You don't cry when a British dude says "aluminium", do you? Oh, wait; You probably do.
    The (English-speaking) world is larger than Kansas.

  5. You don't need wet/dry sandpaper for hard-water stains on porcelain.
    There's a pumice stone specifically for removal, called 'Scouring Stick' made by Pumie. They're ~$3 at home-improvement stores, and last for years cleaning normal toilets. They're softer than the porcelain, and won't scratch/damage it.

  6. Another way to plug a leaking pipe so you can solder it is to stuff some bread in the leaking side. Push it in a ways. After soldering turn the water on and the bread will be flushed away and disolve.

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