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  1. Great instructive video Coach Tim…the world is a better place with folks like yourself willing to take the time and show fellow humans how to go about projects.  Now if you can just get them to actually take the next step and get their own projects in motion!

  2. I'm so glad this video exists! I just started working at Menard's a couple months ago and I was put in the plumbing department. I have no plumbing experience what so ever and everyday i struggle with helping guests find what they need for their project and after watching this, it has helped me out quite a lot! Thank you so much for uploading this!

  3. the back edge should have been supported with a 2 x 4 nailed horizontal to the wall . there's a clean out in the wall….what good is that?….it needs to be pointed outside. tub should have been set on wet globs of plaster of some kind for support. there's supposed to be a rubber gasket between the fiberglass tub and the chrome drain spud…..not just putty…the tub valve is pre-fabbed incorrectly…more concrete needed to be broke out in order for the spud gasket to fit….he's trying hard and I would hire him in a minute…but he has a LOT to learn. If this were an upstairs tub, it would leak to the downstairs. I'm here if ya need me.

  4. It is important to ream the cut tube so that you do not get turbulence. Also it is a good idea to remove the interior of the valve so that the seals do not get hot and damaged. The use of a damp cloth to wipe the soldiered joints is a professional touch.

  5. This video by far has been such a big help. Tim, you explain these plumbing techniques like a pro. I am 22 years old who is always hungry to learn something new. I been considering plumbing as a new career. Keep up the great work! Peace brother!

  6. Plumbers, Electricians, Builders—-some of the most awesome people on earth –everywhere—. Nothing like them –Period. On land, at sea, on the mountains, below the earth. Always wonder what planet they come from—they all have this drive. The only thing that is not in this video is the hoakey music they use on television… Great Video!

  7. Great video for someone considering becoming an apprentice and wants to learn, thanks for doing this even if there was some criticism overall it was a very informative video that's much appreciated.

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