48 Replies to “FAILED Plumbing Inspection! How Badly Did We Screw Up?”

  1. Just because you don't the box for the Vanity doesn't mean you cant return it unless that is a requirement from the store. I have bought numerous things over the years and returned without boxes or packaging. Good job coming to the home stretch of using your house bathroom (even though the videos are way behind on time) !!!βš“οΈ

  2. Oh my goodness those stainless cinch plumbing rings are doomed to fail!! Why use them? You have a whole house to do. Vega pureflow with bronze fittings is the way to go!! Plus they sell a power crimper for it!

  3. After building my own house,the only thing I cannot take any credit for was the plumbing tie-in's. I roughed it out, then called in the professionals to tie it together. At which time I also had them install the manifold and wire up the 5 zone valves. That was 15 years ago, and turned out to be a 2 thumbs up decision.

  4. HEY. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW. Your PEX plumbing is going to fail. All of it is going to fail.

    You are using the wrong fittings for those cinch rings. Cinch rings can ONLY be used with brass fittings. Your nylon fittings need copper crimp rings, NOT cinch rings. DO NOT WALL IN. Go get a crimp tool and copper crimp rings and do it right; massive water damage in a timber frame home is a terrible idea, and these fittings WILL begin to leak inside the walls.

  5. I get the feeling you don’t know the difference between a stack vent and an air admittance valve. One is to vent sewer gases to the outside. The air admittance valve is to prevent the traps from being sucked out due to a low pressure. It allows air to come in to equalize pressure.

  6. if you are using PEX fittings, do yourself a favour and use the brass fittings instead of plastic and the compressing copper rings ….. you'll thank yourself in 10 years….

  7. Ah hell,, not to worry. I was a Master plumbing Contractor for over 17+ years. Most if not all inspector's are apprentice plumbers who couldn't pass there Journeyman's test! You'll be fine

  8. Bought property in Idaho. Going to build a house on it. Note: you bought the property. You own it or making payments to own it. So where can city officials tell you what you can or cannot do on your own property? Do they own your property? If so, then they can. If not, then they cannot. It is called dictatorial ordinances. If you can get at least a one quarter drop per foot in any drain you are withing any code. Idaho has a way to dictate to anyone what they can and cannot do on their personal property.
    If it were me, I would inform Idaho that my property is mine. Not yours. Standard building codes will be adhered to. Their extra codes do not apply. Did this help or hinder. Understand the minim drain needed for all water or sewer. You know, my thoughts on CODE? It is dictatorial. All you need is a 1/4 " per foot drop for any drain. This video is past tense. Have a grand day.

  9. Why the vent in the very middle of the wall? Couln't it have come out closer to the garage wall. Aestheic reasons. If not covered you will hate that pipe sticking out every time you park the car.

  10. How about insulating your hot water lines? Also, though you have not talked about it (I think), consider getting an instant hot water heater rather than the archaic tanks that most people use.

  11. The best PEX systems use a home-run design. You should consider designing in a hot water circulating loop to provide immediate hot water at the taps.

  12. Hay guys, I have been following your build and channel since day one andΒ Β enjoy your videos. I ran across this video and some subsequent ones that I hope you may find a possible solution to your ridge cap build on a steep roof. keep up the build… many regards and blessings to you both… Don.

  13. Code is whatever the local jurisdiction (read: inspector) states; That means that, if he says it has to be done a certain way, end of discussion. You can't get the state to ""override" a county inspector, it does NOT work that way. I have HVAC licenses in MA and RI, I have to know what codes are to get those licenses.

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