Caution: Algae Growing Throughout RV Plumbing! // RV Life Q&A

Maintaining the integrity of your RV especially for full time living is paramount. This week I tackle an algae problem that’s out of control and also answer some of …

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  3. I flush my camper with bleach in the spring when I dewinterize my camper. I put a about 1.5 gallons into the water tank and fill full of water then run it through all my plumbing with the water heater bypassed. Then let it set for at least an hour to disinfect the lines. Then flush everything with fresh water.

  4. I know I'm late to the game here but just put bleach in your fresh water tank with water and pump it through all the water lines. Let it set for 24 hours then dump fresh water tank and refill with clean water. Pump clean water through lines flushing out the bleach water. Do this at least twice a year.

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