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25 thoughts on “ExpressRooter on Holmes Makes It Right | ExpressRooter Toronto Plumber”

  1. Way too extensive on the plumbing. All you need is one shut off valve on a home. Shut off valvs at the toilets, sinks water heater, dish washer, The rest is a toatal waste of money , I would never ever use copper again , Pex pipe is way better and easier to install, and will preform better in freezing weather!

  2. Sigh, they are trying to save a plumber 15 minutes of downtime down the road in order to charge the homeowner THOUSANDS more upfront… not to mention wasting more money on heating water. I am glad I am not the home owner on this one…

  3. Ok, as a 50% Canuk myself, I would like one of the knowledgeable guys from the North to explain to me the Canadian love of ABS piping. Is it better for low temp use? I see nothing but PVC here in the states for DWV work, but every time I see drain and vent pipe on Mike's show, it is all black ABS. Does anyone know why?

  4. Home run plumbing is not really a good thing. I just took a hot shower. Now I want hot water at my sink in the same room. Guess what, you gotta wait to get hot at your sink because its a whole other line. No point in this other than more money for the plumber. Bullshit.

  5. Why are you leaking water on to their throw rug? Doesn't Canada have plastic sheeting and wet vacs? You condemn the shoddy work and practices and then start doing it yourself. The Pex in the basement is going up into the home through cutouts that are not fireblocked. If a fire started down there, there is you chimney to the upper floors.

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