How to fix leaks or pinholes in copper pipe by using rubber and a jubilee clip, compression fittings and solder fittings. We also talk about how leaks can occur.

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46 thoughts on “FIX LEAKING COPPER PIPE – PINHOLES – Plumbing Tips”

  1. Supposing the leak is under a concrete and tiled floor BUT nothing shows?
    Only that every few weeks the system needs re-charging, is there a good pipe leak finder that will seal well?
    Any help welcome. Thanks.

  2. James or any1. Im a beginner .. wanna set up a little model like yurs in tvid. What do i do for a mini/makeshift header tank HT and what wld be the related connectios to HT to get me goin. Luv d vids. James ..sorry mate .. gotta tell ya .. u got a touch of bruce forsyth abt u. Cheers. G

  3. I have a really tiny leak (it's more of a slow drip so that a small puddle occurs, the size of a 10p coin), underneath a radiator copper pipe (its at a joint where 2 pipes meet) which runs along the floor. I've tried taping it using waterproof silver foil tape and also some Ultratape SOS Repair Bonding Amalgamating Pipe Tape but the water ALWAYS finds its way to the end of the tape repair and leaks there instead.?!! Its like everytime I tape up the leak, I'm just moving the leak further along the pipe??!!! How should I tackle this?!

  4. Do they make a liquid drain pipe fix like they have for tires where you can pour it into a drain line where the leak is in an impossible to reach area like behind a wall? I wish they had something like that which you could pour down the drain that would go into the holes and plug the leak.

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