How Much Money Do Master Plumbers/Journeymen/Apprentices Earn/Make/Salary 2018

Peeps, in this video I will be discussing how much money do master plumbers/journeyman/apprentices earn/make. I go through some examples from …


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  1. If u start your own company u can make 100 grand a year by yourself.. Itll be alot easier if u hire a helper.. I knew a master plumber that had a 250 000 porsche

  2. I'll let you know what the starting rate in Missouri is . Super excited to start my apprenticeship. I was blessed to be apart of a program called Workforce Tranning Program. I had interviews for ALL the trades. To my surprise Plumbers picked me!! gonna start on helping build the KCI Terminal for the airport. So I'll keep you updated with the $rate

  3. I see the average at around what you’re saying, but union in Rochester MN is ~$41.00 per hour. Most of them are working at least 40 hours per week. Most weeks they’re working more. Can’t argue the benefits either. On top of the $41.00, you’re actually making about $64.00 per hour with your benefits, including your pension.

  4. its all depends on your company structure….I currently have been plumbing 3 years, i have my own truck, tools and equipment and i get 40% of every invoice. last year made my first 6 figures with working 30-40 hours a week and hiring one part time helper/apprentice. The only way to make good money is high comission rates or ownership in my opinion

  5. Humber college says they offer completion of level 1 on the apprebticeship, aswell as offers for apprenticeships from different companies if you take the plumbing techniques course and have a high gpa, would relying on them to find me a apprenticeship be ok? And do you know if these schools really come through, i heard its hard to get ur foot in the door

  6. I’m a 3rd period apprentice in Local 38, San Francisco plumbers. I make $36.00 an hour, and journeyman make $72/ hour. We’re two years into a 6 year contract, and the next four years we get a $3 raise every July, bringing us to $84/ hour, hourly pay. Plus great, full benefits, and vacation and holiday checks every 6 months. Foreman make 15% more, and get a 10% raise for every 8 guys working under them. General foreman make around $100/hour. With overtime, general foreman have been known to make $300,000-$450,000 in a single year. But even regular journeyman can break $200,000 on a good year. San Francisco is where it’s at!

  7. I had an issue with my main line water drain, it was damage with all the work being done in my street. I want to say that Emerson and Alvaro has been one of the most responsible and professional Plummer’s I have ever met. They work late hours to make sure you are taken care of and are a reasonable prices that work with you. I wanted to give them 10 stars. I will always and forever use them and recommend in any plumbing issues.

  8. Me? Pipe welder? If I'm going pipeline it's about 54 an hour but running my own rig it's about 90 an hour.
    Ici working 60 hours a week w/ a 550 living allowance i'm hitting take home 3800.00 a week. So I bust a nut for 8 months strait and take the summer off and relax go on E.I. have fun live life.

  9. I am currently 17 years old and still in high school and yes I get decent grades , enough to get into a university but I don’t really like school and I do not see myself not only going to college but staying all 4 years ! Going to trade school currently is my #1 option but I’m looking at my options on which profession is what I want to get into. This video is extremely informative ! Thank you !

  10. You should make 33% of what the shop charges an hour. You should get paid by the job hour not 8 hours in the day. In service, sometimes you can put in 10 or 12 job hours in an 8 hour day.. If the shop charges 150 an hour. Its 50 to the plumber. 50 to the owner to cover insurance and trucks then 50 to the owners pocket. If he owner cant run a business on that amount. He should be doing something else.
    30 dollars an hour?? I was making 38 an hour in 1983 plus benefits. Plus gas for my truck each week to get back and forth to work. This was for my personal truck.
    This was a long time ago. I had job offers from different companies every week.

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