How to Avoid Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Watch the full episode: This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey demonstrates some …

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32 thoughts on “How to Avoid Rookie Plumbing Mistakes”

  1. I admire Rich a lot because of his experience and his willingness to share it with us.  More often than not, however, he grabs a Channellock pliers to release or tighten some plumbing fixture on camera when an adjustable wrench or a combination wrench should be used (i.e., anything with smooth jaws).  There's a reason they make them, and he no doubt has multiples of each.

  2. Somebody get me a six foot cheater pipe… NOW!
    I've helped put in-floor heat in several houses…TIP: only use the above floor kind. And hope it never has a leak.

  3. Another common mistake would be to put the pipe wrench on the pipe backwards. One way for clockwise, and opposite for counter-clockwise. (A person might think the tool is useless if used incorrectly.)

  4. Okay the strap wrench is pos. Im a plumber. Dont use it. Teflon is your best friend if you need a strap wrench then you did something wrong. Nunber 2 if the pipe wrench deforms the pipe then stop being a cheep fool.

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