39 thoughts on “How To Plumb a Bathroom (with free plumbing diagrams)”

  1. Currently in a trade school to maximize my chances of getting an apprenticeship , I'm in Canada so I'm sure codes are a little different but I love these videos either way

  2. not a fan of this design cause there's no easy access to run a cable through to clean the main line. you'll have to pull the toilet! wish every house had at least an inside clean out in case of a back up, the clean out in this design is not practical if the line is full of poo!!!!!

  3. Rule #1 never use a combination fitting and put a clean out on it unless you have access to it. A man and his cleaning machine need enough room to work under it. Use a sweep elbow instead. You'll get better drainage and less build up over time.
    Rule#2 Never use combination fitting and put a clean out on it for horizontal turns if you don't have access for a man and his cleaning machine to use it.
    #3 Don't use a Wye fitting to as an 8th bend and put a clean out on it because it cause the flow to eddy.
    #4 Don't use double Wye on toilets in horizontal position.
    I made these rules because I've cleaned drains for over 20 years and observed and documented the location and cause of real life stoppages from toilet paper and foreign objects with cameras. The choice of fittings makes a difference between easy and hard to clean drains weather the waste water will flow consistently or create eddies that cause waste to get stranded on a fitting. Furthermore, the latest gallons per flush is 1.28 gpf. Which means it may take two flushes for the waste to reach the clean out outside the house.

  4. Hello I have a question I'm converting an RV into showers for a church retreats, I'll like to have some info on how could be the best way to do the rough in for 8 showers they all going to be along 1 side of the RV

  5. See and our tub drain pipe has a p/elbow that causes a drip sound

    Our sink has a regular elbow and one that goes up and down so it looks like a spring I want the up part off and only have one elbow on the sink but need a bendable drain pipe to get this done

    So our water drain pipe has 3 elbows

    The tub drain pipe elbow in the crawl space needs took off and one off on the sink

  6. Man, you know your stuff ! Your explanations and diagrams are second to none. Thanks for making this video and please continue to do so. I gave you a thumbs up and subscribed.

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