How to Start a Plumbing Business with Little to No Money

Today I’m sharing the things I had to learn when I started my plumbing business. These concepts will save you a lot of hassle when you decide to start your …

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28 thoughts on “How to Start a Plumbing Business with Little to No Money”

  1. Sir your videos are outstanding. I am currently a plumber in the Airforce and am a full time student with a major in business. When I separate I am hoping to become a successful entrepreneur with a plumbing business. Thank you for the valuable information.

  2. Thank you for this video. As a stationary engineer I am subjected to the trades and plumbing is one that engages me. The engineers I work with always want to call a plumbing company to do the work! I tackle the jobs After I isolate and secure valves. One day it took me six hours doing a rotted domestic hot water line in the ceiling. Got it done, and felt good! However I want to learn more. Men and Women, believe in yourself and educate yourself!

  3. Thanks for this video. I'm Andy from Philippines and I want to start this business and I have a feeling that this will work in my City. I know a bit of plumbing but my brother knows much far better than me. Could I start my business with him. Two of us have no license yet my brother is very skilled in plumbing. Please give us some advice.

  4. Journeyman stepping up to Master with full intention to start a service company but I'm thinking of adding home warranty as well… I know warranty companies can be a hassle so is it worth it?

  5. I just started working for an open shop plumbing company in CA as a helper. One day I would like to own my own business. From what I have been reading to get my license is that I need an apprenticeship certificate. I am not sure if my boss offers a certificate because he is a very small plumbing company with only 5 employees. If I worked for him for 5 years, would I be able to use that experience to get a journeyman license or would it have to be a certified apprenticeship program?

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