How to use Sharkbite Plumbing is the website for all your Sharkbite Plumbing parts and repairs. Here is a video explaining how to use Sharkbite fittings.


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  1. What is this voodoo magic? Saved my sanity when I couldn't get water too stop trickling to the union i was trying to sweat tried for hour and a half literally took 5 seconds to install. Done. But how the hell is this possible??

  2. Not cheap, but an excellent way to go at times. However, there is a California cancer warning on the fittings. I suppose it's the plastic collars at issue, and I wonder why some other material wasn't found. I would say that using too many of these fittings is not a good idea, but for an occasional repair, these can save a lot of time, effort and access damage.

  3. A big advantage of these over sweating in copper is that if the system has a leaky valve somewhere, you don't need to worry about the latent water in the system sinking the heat out of the flame and preventing a good soldered connection. They're expensive, and I still don't trust them inside walls…

  4. I just used a bunch of these to change my mom's hot water storage tank to an electric hot water heater. This is in an exposed basement, and I used them more out of curiosity than anything else. Well, they do work as promised, at least so far. For small jobs, it seems like an OK system. I don't know how long they'll remain leak free, but I do know they're expensive! Almost $50 for 6 connectors. In copper, it would have cost less than $10. In the future, I'll still sweat in copper fittings.

  5. The connectors seem to work well for me, but after seeing how they work I would only use them at exposed areas (I use sharkbite shut off valve underneath the kitchen sink). There is no way the product will last as a true plumber's connection.

  6. I replaced my own water heater 1 year ago. New water heater, parts and materials $675, AND I replaced my shut off valve (gate style) that was corroded with a Sharkbite 1/4 turn lever style. I got a couple plumber quotes $1,000 – $1,200. Just can't fathom those prices. Sharbite fittings ( I used 4 for this job) still holding up.

  7. @Hucklebillyjones Part 3. I won't even bother with sentence structuring, apostrophes, commas etc etc as this is far too advanced for someone at your level. By the way coupler is fine, as you gain more experience you'll start to hear this word more often. Have a nice day numbnuts!

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