Inspiring Plumbing Apprentices On The Job Training

Follow this journey while I train my two sons the plumbing trade and along the way hope to inspire more to join the plumbing industry.

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26 thoughts on “Inspiring Plumbing Apprentices On The Job Training”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    Currently in the process of making a career change. I am from the Holmdel area and work in the shipping industry. Needless to say, the office environment is just not for me. Looking to get my foot in the door as an apprentice plumber. I do have most of the tools needed from a previous job as a diesel mechanic. I am mechanically inclined and am very good with customer service and love working with people. I see most places hiring up here are asking for someone with at least one year experience or certifications. What would you recommend I do to get my foot in the door to start a career in plumbing here in NJ? Any feedback would be appreciated!

  2. Hey mr baron I was my father's apprentice starting at 12 I would work summers with him my dad is a nj master plumber and by time I was 20 he had me on the truck by myself tell your kids to keep it up all those tough days with dad got me a job as a nyct plumber theres so much opportunity in this trade there gunna thankyou in the long run hope you guys have a very busy year God bless keep up the good work.

  3. Im trying to get into plumbing theres this place to apply too but they asking dmv printout. I had two tickets in the last four years nothing crazy just speeding and incomplete stop. No duis or accidents i hope this is enough to qualify

  4. What does a support tech do in plumbing? I just got hired in that position and also to be a backup pump truck driver. I used to be a truck driver for 4 years but I decided to become a plumber and i got hired.

  5. Oh. I'm back. Buy some towels for the bottom of the tub. His shoes will scratch it.
    Buy him a good closet augers instead of that pos he was using.
    I see both you sewer machines are Junk!!

  6. CB-1 CB-2 AB-1 that was a great video I felt like I was going back in history. I remember every one of those videos. Rock on you guys have a great Labor Day weekend peace my brothers

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