Plumbing Apprentice's Life

Plumbing Apprentice’s Life. We turn on domestic water in this summer home for the season. Follow this Journey as I train my two sons the plumbing trade.

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  1. I’m a sophomore in high school and I already know that I want to pursue the field of trades. Where I live in Indiana it’s in such a high demand and and I would love to do hands on stuff while working my job. I am blessed of the opportunity to be able to have to ask questions and gain knowledge of these jobs, my uncle and dad both are in a apprenticeship program and are one year off getting their journeyman’s license in plumbing and I wanna do this cause of the fact that it’s not as hard as I thought it would be able to apply for one considering the certifications needed for it. Even though I advise it, you don’t NEED to be a straight A student be able to attend plumbing school which I think is great. I can’t wait to learn more about this field.

  2. hey i know about thre anti-freeze in the but the same way for the both room plumbing not to freeze? love the channel and I'm known to it thanks for the footage.

  3. I am in an apprenticship myself AND i FEEL YOUR PAIN AND YOUR TRIUMPH. Sorry, caps got stuck and I don't want to erase and rewrite. I just gotta say, I love what I do and am always trying to learn more!

  4. Do you think 36 is too old to start apprenticing. I have a good job now but I want to learn a skill and plumbing seems the most interesting of the trades. Do you see a lot of old dogs apprenticing?

  5. Fantastic service from start to finish! Even the answering service was great. Jared and Hector did a wonderful job, explained everything, demonstrated how to use my new water heater and cleaned up after themselves. I highly recommend Bellows Plumbing.

  6. it wasnt till i got old and more at ease with life in general did i understand what needed to be my view point in the sense of how better my own future skills could have been better serve by a simple understanding that we learn by other mistakes, as well as our own hence there are no dumb questions, just be safe and practice those habits that will leave you each day intact

  7. On the service valve before the meter set u should operate slowly to pack the regulator. If you open to quick it could stacy stuck closed. Just a reminder. I used to install those.

  8. I'm from Alberta, currently -35 here lol, I'm thinking of entering the trade. Is it true, all helpers do to start is dig trenches all day long for 10 hours straight?

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