Plumbing – High-Rise Condominium Project

Check out how the plumbing is installed in this high-rise condominium project in downtown Milwaukee. Members of Plumbers 75 from Alpine Plumbing are …

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43 thoughts on “Plumbing – High-Rise Condominium Project”

  1. The host wasted way to much time asking the same questions 3 different ways. They talked more about the “tablet” than the plumbing. Idiot

  2. Technology such as CAD and BIM is very useful in the plumbing field. It definitely helps to eliminate coordination issues. I agree it helps eliminate the need for carrying around those heavy drawings. It looks like their able to get this work in without much conflict.

  3. Your obviously an accomplished plumber and run a good crew.

    I chop saw all my pipes—if you need to trim it a 1/4 inch than you chop it, not saw it,,and is that cleaner your using, cleaner is just that, it cleans the pipe (if it’s dirty) and then the primer is applied.

    Yes? No? Teach me different

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