Plumbing Underneath Your Kitchen Sink – Plumbing Tips

How to install the plumbing underneath your kitchen sink. EVERY INSTALL IS DIFFERENT! We just show you how to design the plumbing and waste so you can …


36 thoughts on “Plumbing Underneath Your Kitchen Sink – Plumbing Tips”

  1. If you'd put the cold feed on the rhs, you could have avoided the bend to come over the hot pipe… but very neat and tidy, like how you kept it all at the back.

  2. Im adding the washing machine plumbing under the sink do i need to add the washer connection valve to the cold feed or the main feed we have 3 pipes under the sink hot cold and main ?

  3. I've had a wire spider down my sink, chemicals and caustic soda but its still completely blocked after three weeks. Got the trap off and its all clean. Now ive no boiler, no washing machine and no sink and dont know what to do. Any ideas please?

  4. Wow, what an aesthetically pleasing job, which is what's important to me and in my opinion makes all the difference when working in the houses of others, love it! Thank you

  5. I have recently come across your pages and subscribe straight away you are a credit to all plumbers out there a true craftsman of his profession love watching your videos and most importantly learning from yourself top man 👍🏻

  6. Is syphoning not an issue with your plumbing codes over there? S traps like that have been totally banned in North America. Either you would need an air admittance valve, or an “island” vent installed.

  7. Just a quick question regarding the washing machine drainage. I notice that the drainage pipe that the washing machine drainage hose is going to be connected to is practically horizontal to the drainage pipe for the sink. Does this mean that when the sink is emptied suddenly and all the water rushes away that some of it will go up that left hand drainage pipe and down the washing machine drainage hose into the washing machine just from the force of the water rushing down from the sink hole if you get what I mean.

  8. Nicely explained dude. Worth noting that not all base units have backs thick enough to fix pipework to though. I prefer to have pipes coming in from the back to prevent losing anything down holes in the base of the cabinet….

  9. i am a senior never did this before but empty pockets means this is a diy job.too much talking.not enough actual explanation when the older copper pipes have white plastic ends?? how to connect the new metal fittings to the older copper pipes.the job is completed without seeing how the stopcock tap is installed,could not see the most important.cheerful chap but i need to see more detailed step by step especially removing the d/washer connection and replacing it all with new.a lot od info on tidiness not enough on connection

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