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Are you thinking about becoming a plumber? This video might help give you some insight from a plumber’s point of view. Deciding to become a plumber was the …

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons To Become A Plumber – Plumbing Career – The Expert Plumber”

  1. I’m 59 retired from the fire Dept I wish I could get my license. I have been doing handyman work for 35 years most of my work is plumbing and electrical. I have been to HVAC school

  2. We have a technical school starting a night program 3 days a week.What do you think about completing a program like that.Where im at in Louisiana we dont have a union but there is a Plumbers Association.

  3. Anyone know how much the schooling costs. I want to get licensed here in Wisconsin it's 5 years as an apprentice or school degree. I have installed more bathtubs fixtures toilets excetera than I can count and I get down at work when I am not doing plumbing. It's so much cooler than carpentry!! Much love dude, love your videos!!

  4. Question: I’m sure you don’t like talking about money so I won’t ask for specifics but I noticed how you said it takes about 5 years to get your plumbing license if you go through a union. During that 5 year period, would you say the pay is decent? I’m 22 now and would hate to not make enough money to move out until I’m 27 lol. Thanks.

  5. You are great and very motivational with your words. Very encouraging videos. I’ve come across a lot of different guys that have different tips but you actually encourage and because of you I think I will pick up this trade.

  6. Please tell me or make a video on how you answer the phone, what software you use , how you dispatch your calls, the person answering the phone, Another words the phone rings The opportunity just came in what do you do next Step-by-step

  7. I did the whole school thing have 3 college degrees, AS, BA and Masters in Business but it's extremely competitive to find good work and when I'm unemployed it takes months to find something. Getting tired of it and want consistency in my career and good pay. I'm 34 and can get in with my local union here in southern California. I'll be 35 by next summer when I get in. Been working on cars for over 13 years so I'm mechanically inclined and overall very handy with tools, soldering, some light welding. My question is this, am I too old to begin at my age. I'm hearing a lot of ppl in their 30s to even 40s are having a change of career in the trades. Thanks in advance. I enjoy your videos.

  8. Can you become a plumber if you fail the appreticeship test at the local union, can you become a licensed plumber going the openshop way ? (And is it possible to become a member of the union later in life if you want to) thank you

  9. I had this in my mind for years and years to become a plumber and finally, I start the course in the next 2 years hopefully I will work as a plumber, Thanks for your video 🙂 and take care of you guys.

  10. Im 17 and not amazing at school so I will just get my high school diploma and learn a trade and take a plumbing course at this local college in northern Indiana we’re I am. In A couple of years from now how can I apply to work for you ?

  11. I am here because I start my job tomorrow as a plumbing apprentice I'm 23, I had my doubts if it was a good path to take thanks for the great video and motivation. They said most of my work would be snaking drains, 2 weeks training with someone then I am on my own, am I getting tossed around here? Is snaking drains really considered being a plumber? I know you have to start somewhere. I just don't want to be snaking drains for the rest of my career, I want more complicated tasks. Also getting paid on commission is that normal?

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