VLOG – Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator

Hey all! In this vlog Im sharing my thoughts about interior designers vs interior decorators, what the differences are and why we all need a better understanding.


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  1. I am neither. But decorators are insulting to designers. A designer has the education to " see" many many things a decorator cannot possibly see. Decorator is just that. " Make an improvement and look better". A designer can take a concept to work and work for years. Decorators improvement is just that -a temporary fix. Decorators charge less than designers. And I'll let you figure out why!

  2. I have been searching for a interior decorator program and sent off some paperwork today I will be attending Penn Foster Career School for Interior Decorating online. But completely understand the interior designer issue. In the US you need to have special license that can take up to three years on top of your training and or schooling. As a interior decorator you do not have all the technical stuff on top of licenses and certifications required for a designer. Also going to take a photography class figure that would benefit my career as well. Good luck.

  3. I'm an interior designer in Kenya, and its the same here people get confused and think my work is to put pillows in their houses, its so annoying, when really i do so much from conceptualization to creating the floor plans, to implementation when building.

  4. This is so refreshing Sarah, (plus your delivery is so honest it's hard not to fall in love with you!) It is an issue worldwide and requires clarification. Interior design has been changing a lot in the last few years and you have been kind of in the middle of it (me too, I mentor interior designers online so I come across it all the time) plus there are a lot of the "old school" designers who are very protective over their titles, so as they feel threatened they tend to backlash over other streams of interior design (such as interior decoration, styling, staging etc.) The internet created so much possibility for work for us designers but it simultaneously created confusion as the borders opened up and cultures, languages, rules and regulations all got muddled together. Your lovely, honest vlog was a pleasure to find on the topic! x

  5. Exactly that's what I get annoyed with when you're looking at job roles interior stylist they want you to do AutoCAD 3D max now learning floor plans that in interior designer not an interior stylist then if you've got visual merchandising experience style fashion stylist and interior stylist all in one they still don't want you the employer agencies annoy as they are clueless myself I tend to be contracted more abroad on my work and called in for interview for interview stylist than in UK there is a problem.

  6. I just finished a interior decorating course and have to go back for 6 months to be a designer but I am so scared because I did the other course part time but have to do the design part full time and I’m scared that if I fail or find it to full on that everyone will see me as a failure including myself I have 4 kids and don’t even know if it’s even gonna be possible so I’m so glad knowing that there are other people that are decorators and not designers I’m in Australia and I don’t think anyone knows the difference here either thankyou for this blog it has made me feel a bit relieved that I can still have a career decorating 😃

  7. You want to be an FF&E designer. I worked in the industry for years as an Interior Designer but classed myself more as an Interior Architect. However, there is apparently no such thing! I worked with lots of talented FF&E designers who were fantastic with fabrics, colour, furniture and lighting. Good luck!

  8. I'm so glad I came across your video, I wanted to do an Interior Design course but have no interest in learning how to draw a floorplan or elevations… I'm more on the creative side decorating residential homes. Does anyone know any good online courses for interior decorator?

  9. I finished BA Hons Interior Design last year. It gets really annoying at times when people ask me to design (decorate is what they meant) but can't blame them because even I didn't know see the difference. I went in thinking decoration too. But I am so glad it was so much more. It was overwhelming but absolutely an amazing experience 😍

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